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Untitled---2023-09-26T150144.739.jpgDriving is something most people do every day. Because we spend so much time behind the wheel, it is easy to forget the dangers that can affect people on the road. Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed in car accidents, and many of these accidents occur because of traffic violations. If you have been the victim of an accident, and you believe that another driver was at fault because they violated traffic laws, an experienced attorney can help you determine your options for seeking compensation.

Dangerous Traffic Violations That Can Cause Injuries to Others

Because driving is a routine, daily activity, many people fail to take the proper steps to stay as safe as possible while behind the wheel. Traffic violations can range from simple acts of carelessness to aggression and risk-taking, and they can put others at risk of being seriously injured in an accident. Some of the most common violations that put people at risk include:

  • Distracted driving: One of the most dangerous issues affecting people on the road today is the failure of drivers to fully pay attention to driving. Although phones are one of the primary distractions that currently affect drivers, other activities, such as eating, grooming, and using a GPS, can also take a driver’s attention away from the road. When driving, people should always keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the steering wheel, and they should remain focused on driving safely. Even if there is a momentary distraction, a few seconds of inattention can have deadly consequences.


713bec7a-16a4-11ee-9243-8e2df017c507.jpgMost people have experienced some level of anger behind the wheel. Things like getting cut off by a driver, driving behind someone who drives far below the speed limit ,or nearly getting run off the road because another driver refuses to allow you to merge onto the highway can be very frustrating. The majority of drivers, however, are able to manage these situations without causing an accident. Endangering others by causing a crash is not  a justified response to these circumstances. If you were injured by an act of road rage you may be able to pursue damages.


This type of injury claim may look a bit different from a standard car accident claim arising from simple carelessness. You will need to file a police report, and then find an aggressive attorney who can help you pursue every bit of compensation you deserve.


mckinney car accident lawyerWhen more than one car is involved in a crash, it is often fairly clear who is liable to who. One driver ran a red light, or decided to send a text message, and crashed into another driver who was driving responsibly. The careless or law-breaking driver is liable to the driver who got hit. In a single-car accident, recovering compensation can be a bit trickier because first, you will have to prove that someone else was responsible. This does not mean you cannot recover after getting into a single-car accident. There are other parties who may potentially be liable depending on the circumstances. Proving that another party is liable for your injuries when no one else actually crashed may be difficult, but it can be done. 

If you got hurt in a car accident where yours was the only vehicle that crashed, you will need a skilled attorney to evaluate your case and determine whether you can pursue compensation from a third party. 

Who Could Potentially be Liable for a Single-Car Crash?

The answer to this question is very fact-specific. It depends entirely on the circumstances and the specific cause of your accident. Parties who could potentially be liable to you may include: 


shutterstock_1996305623-min_20230602-182625_1.jpgAs if being injured in a car accident is not bad enough, the aftermath of the initial crash can be just as dangerous. While people are attempting to exit their damaged vehicles, summon help, and assess the damage, there is a substantial risk of a second accident occurring. Often, the very same conditions–such as lack of visibility–that contributed to the initial crash also contribute to the ongoing danger. 

If you get into an accident, it is important that you take steps to minimize the danger, such as moving away from the roadway and activating your emergency flashers if they are still operational. Call an attorney once the immediate danger has passed and it is safe to do so, but do be mindful that it is important not to wait too long. Important evidence can quickly be covered up, especially during winter storms. 

How Do Secondary Accidents Happen?

One of the biggest dangers after a car accident is the risk of being hit by a car after you have made it out of your vehicle. Car crashes tend to happen in places and at times when visibility is poor. Inclement weather that makes it difficult to see other cars on the road will also make it difficult to see people walking around by the side of the road. Sharp turns where accidents are common may also make it difficult for other drivers to even see that there has been an accident until they are quite close to it. 


texas car accident lawyerDriving privileges come with a lot of rules to follow. You must keep working headlights on your vehicle. You must obey stop signs. You may not drive while you are intoxicated. There is a very good reason that so many laws exist to govern the way people can use the roads - it is to promote public safety. When a driver breaks a law that is designed to protect public safety, a legal concept called “negligence per se” comes into play. If you were hurt in a motor vehicle accident due to the illegal actions of another driver, an attorney may be able to help you recover compensation. 

What Does “Negligence Per Se” Mean in Texas?

“Negligence” can be somewhat subjective at times. Reasonable people may disagree about whether a certain driving behavior truly reflects carelessness. However, the case can become much more objective when the at-fault driver was clearly breaking the law. It is often easier to prove that a driver violated a statute, such as by running a red light, than it is to prove that the driver was, say, distracted talking to their passenger. 

An important requirement to demonstrate negligence per se is that the law broken must have been a law designed to promote public safety. Most rules of the road fall into this category. Speeding, drunk driving, ignoring stoplights, and texting while driving are all against the law because they are dangerous behaviors that can cause people to get hurt. 

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