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Celina Amazon Truck Accidents Attorney

Celina Attorneys Fighting for Amazon Truck Victims

In virtually every crash, at least one person or entity is deemed at fault for causing the wreck. An individual driver, a company, a government agency, or other entity will often be found to be liable for causing a car wreck, and in some cases, multiple parties may share fault. In accidents involving Amazon trucks, it is possible that a delivery driver, the driver of another vehicle, or other parties may be found to have been responsible for causing the collision.

Because of the many factors at play in these situations, people who have suffered injuries in an Amazon truck accident may face complex legal issues. Determining the best legal options is not always easy, but accident victims can take steps to successfully recover compensation by working with a qualified personal injury attorney. At Burress Injury Law, we have successfully handled hundreds of these cases, ensuring that victims are fully compensated for the harms and losses they have suffered.

Is the Amazon Driver Liable for Your Injuries?

Amazon drivers often make driving errors that cause wrecks. When our attorneys investigate the circumstances of a crash, we will evaluate the actions of the Amazon drivers and all other potential responsible parties. In particular, we will identify all negligent acts on the part of an Amazon delivery driver that may have caused the accident, including fatigue, distracted driving, intoxicated driving, or traffic violations. We gather and preserve all relevant evidence showing why an accident occurred, including black box data, vehicles, gouge marks in the roadway, etc.. Preserving evidence is critical to holding all responsible parties liable for the harms and losses that result from a crash.

Is Amazon Liable for Your Injuries?

Amazon employs drivers to make deliveries on the company's behalf. However, Amazon often relies on independent contractors to handle last-mile deliveries, which can complicate placing liability against Amazon. Liability for crashes can depend on the details between Amazon and its delivery partners. Even though its drivers may not be direct employees, Amazon can still share fault for crashes. One of the key considerations for proving liability against Amazon is proving it has "control" over delivery operations, driver oversight (logistic controls), responsibility for truck maintenance, etc. This type of control likely satisfies the requirements to consider independent contractor drivers as "agents" to establish liability against Amazon. Moreover, joint enterprise liability (companies engaged for a common business purpose) can share liability even when one is an independent contractor.

Who Else Might Be Liable for Your Injuries?

In addition to Amazon and a delivery driver involved in a collision, there are a host of other parties that may potentially be liable. In a multi-vehicle accident, the operator of another car, truck, or motorcycle could be named as an at-fault party. Additional parties that may be partially or fully liable for an accident include:

  • Municipal government agencies tasked with road maintenance
  • Third parties enlisted to load or unload cargo, perform vehicle maintenance, etc.
  • Auto manufacturers that were responsible for producing defective parts in one of the vehicles involved in the wreck
  • Property owners that failed to address a hazardous condition that influenced events leading to the crash
  • The proprietor of an establishment that overserved alcohol to one of the drivers involved in the wreck
  • A distracted cyclist or pedestrian

Because there are so many parties that can potentially impact the outcome of a case, it is important to work with a qualified personal injury attorney who can evaluate a case, establish liability, negotiate with insurance companies, and take legal action to recover compensation for a victim's injuries.

Dealing with insurance companies in the aftermath of an accident is often one of the most pressing issues for injury victims. The people who work for these companies receive extensive training on how to deny or devalue claims. They are focused on protecting the insurance company's interests and maximizing profits by minimizing the amounts paid to injury victims. Speaking to an insurance adjuster without an attorney will greatly reduce the likelihood a victim will recover full value for their claim.

At Burress Injury Law, we have the experience battling and representing insurance companies to know how they think, how they evaluate claims, and how to create risk in their minds so that they will overpay on claims. With our success rate over 99.9% and our record of winning more than 500 trials, insurance companies know that we are unwilling to accept settlements for less than the full amount of compensation our clients deserve. We will fight to maximize the amount of compensation injury victims receive so that they will be able to move forward as they recover from the harm that was done to them.

Contact a Celina Amazon Truck Accidents Attorney Today

Amazon may be one of the largest companies in the world, but it is not infallible. The dedicated legal team at Burress Injury Law is up to the challenge of pursuing full compensation from Amazon and any other at fault parties for a delivery vehicle accident. With our heavy experience in these types of cases, we will effectively advocate for your interests and we will not rest until you are properly compensated for your injuries and damages.

Our record of success speaks for itself, but we have also received recognition from our peers. Our lawyers have the highest (AV) rating from Martindale-Hubbell, have received the Super Lawyers award more than 25 times, in addition to being perennial recipients from D Magazine, Elite Lawyer, and Avvo. Multiple news sources have named us as one of the best attorneys for clients in Celina, McKinney, Frisco, Dallas and other nearby communities. Our clients have also left hundreds of five-star ratings and reviews attesting to the services we have provided to them. We are ready to provide you with the same level of service as we allow you to focus on healing while we take care of everything else.

To schedule a free consultation, connect with our team by calling 214-726-0016 or by filling out our online contact form. We will provide the guidance you need to make decisions about how to proceed with your case and recover the compensation you deserve.

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