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Collin County Personal Injury Law Firm Wins UIM Verdict Against Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Burress Injury Law Wins Verdict

Burress Injury Law is pleased to announce that it has secured more than $415,000 on behalf of two clients who sustained injuries in a rear-end collision. The clients, a married couple, were struck from behind by another vehicle and initially declined medical care at the scene. However, both spouses suffered delayed injuries and went to urgent care the next day. Doctors there determined that they had both sustained back and neck strains. Upon follow-up MRIs, doctors discovered a 1 mm disc protrusion in each of the clients’ spines. Thereafter, the couple received chiropractic care over three months.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company, GEICO, initially offered a mere $21,738.88. Burress Injury Law and its clients felt that this sum was unreasonable and filed a lawsuit. Ultimately, litigation forced GEICO to offer the entirety of its $100,001 policy.

Believing the policy limits settlement from GEICO left the at fault driver underinsured, Burress Injury Law pursued further compensation through the plaintiffs’ own uninsured motorist policy with Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual denied the claim, concluding its own insureds had already been fully compensated by GEICO, prompting its insureds to commence litigation against their own insurance company to whom they dutifully paid premiums for just this type of event. At mediation, Liberty Mutual only offered $1,000 to each of its insureds.

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