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Burress Family Foundation

Total Non-Profit Donations to Date


College Scholarships Awarded through Fall 2023

21 for a total of


Burress Injury Law’s commitment to the communities it serves has grown over two decades. We formed Burress Family Foundation in 2022 to operate alongside Burress Injury Law to extend our outreach to non-profits and expand our college scholarship program. The Foundation provides structure, coordination, resources and transparency to our mission.


To support our community, youth, and first responders through grants, scholarships and giveback initiatives.

The hallmark of giving for Burress Injury Law (now in conjunction with the Foundation) is to fund all costs and overhead expenses associated with our events (e.g., annual picnic, spring and fall semester scholarships) to ensure 100 percent of all donations reach our beneficiaries, in addition to a matching gift. No portion of our donors’ monetary gifts will ever be used to offset foundation or event costs.

Current Beneficiaries

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