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McKinney Wrongful Death Attorney

Compassionate Service and Determined Representation in Wrongful Death Claims

There is nothing that can prepare someone for losing a loved one in a fatal accident. The loss of a spouse, parent, child or other family member due to someone else's negligent or reckless actions will cause profound grief and sorrow.

From our office in McKinney, Burress Injury Law represents families all across Texas and the United States in wrongful death claims. We have the experience and resources to take on every type of wrongful death claim, including:

Exceptional client service and aggressive representation are the hallmarks of our practice. In every case, our clients work closely and directly with both , Jason Burress. This helps us to understand exactly how this loss has impacted your life. We help you understand your options and which of those options best fit your specific situation.

Working Tirelessly to Recover All Damages Available Under Law

Clearly, money damages are an inadequate remedy for someone's life. Unfortunately, they are the only remedy allowed under the law. A successful wrongful death claim can ease any financial burden your family may have suffered due to this loss. In some cases, it may also hold large corporations accountable for their negligent actions. Our attorneys will fight to recover all damages available under the law. In Texas, wrongful death damages could include:

  • Financial losses, such as the loss of earning capacity and value of services the deceased provided
  • Mental pain and anguish
  • Loss of love and companionship
  • Loss of inheritance

In every wrongful death case, we strive to honor the legacy of the deceased. We fight hard so that the parties responsible for the loss of your loved one are held accountable. By balancing compassion with aggression against the defendants, we help families move forward from this traumatic event.

Wrongful Death FAQs


What Does "Wrongful Death" Actually Mean?

Answer: "Wrongful death" can apply to a wide variety of circumstances under which a person lost their life due to another party's carelessness or intentional actions. If a person or organization was responsible for someone's wrongful death, the family members of the deceased may be able to seek financial compensation for the damages they have suffered.


What Are Some Common Examples of Wrongful Death?

Answer: When a person is killed in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, that is likely to be considered a wrongful death. A large percentage of wrongful death claims are born out of car accidents or truck accidents. Drunk drivers in particular are responsible for many wrongful deaths. Other examples may include deaths caused by accidents in unsafe workplaces, dangerous products, and purposeful attacks.


Who Is Eligible to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Answer: Wrongful death liability laws are designed to protect the immediate family members who likely relied on the decedent for financial or emotional support. In Texas, the close relatives who may file a wrongful death suit are the decedent's spouse, children, and parents. Any one of these individuals may initiate a wrongful death case on behalf of all eligible survivors. If you lost one of these immediate family members due to another's negligence or purposeful wrongful actions, you are likely eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit.


What Types of Compensation Could I Recover?

Answer: Losing an immediate family member can put financial and emotional strain on a family. If you relied on the decedent's income, you may be able to recover their lost future earnings, and you may be compensated for the expenses of medical care they received before their death. You may also be able to receive compensation for your emotional anguish, as well as the loss of your family member's love and companionship. If you would have naturally inherited from the decedent's estate, you may also be eligible to recover damages for your lost inheritance. We can help you determine the appropriate amount of compensation to ask for based on your circumstances.


Can a Corporation be Held Liable for a Wrongful Death?

Answer: Yes. In fact, deaths caused by unsafe products are one of the leading reasons that people file wrongful death actions. Auto defects may be responsible for fatal car accidents. In this event, the company responsible for the defect may be held liable. The same is true for other dangerously defective products that cause fatalities. These cases can be won on a products liability theory.


Can a Minor Child Recover for the Wrongful Death of a Parent?

Answer: These situations can be complicated. Minors cannot file a wrongful death suit on their own behalf. However, their parent or guardian may choose to file a wrongful death suit on behalf of child survivors. If the responsible adult fails to file a wrongful death action, the child will have two years from the time they turn 18 years old to file a case themselves.


How Long After My Relative's Passing Do I Have to File a Wrongful Death Action?

Answer: In Texas, the statute of limitations for a wrongful death action gives you two years to file a civil lawsuit. Exceptions are made in limited circumstances, such as if the liable party could not be identified during that time frame or if they allegedly committed fraud.

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