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McKinney Products Liability Attorney

A Skilled, Tough Approach in Product Liability Cases

The companies that design and manufacture defective products must be held responsible for their failures. Skilled lawyers can help you bring a product liability lawsuit to help you recover appropriate damages for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and other damages.

At Burress Injury Law, we have the experience, knowledge and resources to hold companies responsible for designing or manufacturing defective products. We can protect your rights after you have been injured by defective parts related to:

  • Automobiles, including defective air bags, defective seat belts, excessive roof crush, defective tires and general crashworthiness problems
  • Toys
  • Appliances
  • Airplanes
  • Motorcycles

Our attorneys understand the complicated nature of these cases when it comes to identifying parties and holding them accountable for your injuries.

Using Science and the Law to Our Clients' Benefit

Product liability claims are typically more complex than a typical personal injury claim. Multiple corporations could be involved in the design, manufacture, production or sale of a consumer product. These corporations will fight tooth and nail to deny their responsibility. In product liability cases, the injured person will need experts who can credibly testify as to the defective nature of the product.

We will enlist the services of experts to help establish that the product that injured you was negligently designed or manufactured. While this information can be complex, we simplify it and present technical details in a way that resonates with a jury.

It Costs Nothing to Speak to Us About Your Case

Call 214-726-0016 or complete our online contact form to schedule your free consultation. From our office in McKinney, we represent clients across Texas and the United States. You only pay us if we win.

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