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What Our Clients Say About Us


Lady La Nance via Google

Going through having a car accident is never fun. However having people you trust take you through the process, makes it a little less terrible. Noemi & Jason are incredibly knowledgeable about the process and made sure I understood it, every step of the way as well. The staff was always kind, courteous, understanding, proficient and thorough. I appreciated the constant contact and their due diligence in working on my behalf. If you are looking for someone to look after you, your best interests and stay honest the whole way through, you will not be disappointed by the Burress Law team.

Lance Blakley via Google

We were referred to Jason by a friend after our car accident a year ago. The professionalism that Jason and his team showed us was second to none. He outlined step by step offering several options along the way. DO NOT think you can tackle medical bills, insurance companies, other attorneys, etc on your own! Burress law firm was always in constant communication with us and letting us know next steps and options. Even though it took a little while to finish, slow and steady wins the race every time. His team was always there for us to answer all of our questions and will be there long after it's completed. I would highly recommend Jason and his team to anyone facing what we did. They took so much of the pressure and worry off so we could concentrate on healing! We can't thank them enough.

Ash Brown via Google

I can honestly say that Burress genuinely cares about mine and my daughter's well being. Trisha, my attorney's assistant checked up on me regularly. Kyle, my attorney, found a way to relate to or at least understand my struggle. They listened to me! They had my back! They DIDN'T judge me! The Burress Law Firm, as a whole, was there for me without the expectancy of a return and without criticisms. I didn't feel like just another client or case number, I felt and still feel like family! I pray I'll never have another accident and injury claim, but if I do, I find solace in knowing they'll be there and they'll represent me to the utmost making sure justice is served, just as they've done this time around. Oh and to give further props where due, they are the epitome of “fighting for you” as they promise and all of them are exceptional human beings including the staff that don't directly work your case!!! Love you guys! Ash & Caroline-Elizabeth

Janelle Ward via Google

The team at Burress have done a great job on our case. After experiencing a horrific car accident that was not our fault, they took and walked us through what could have been a very difficult process had we been left to do it alone. They were very kind and compassionate and worked to get a generous settlement for my son and myself. I would highly recommend them if you are in need of personal injury legal counsel.

Big Daddy Dunnam via Google

I would highly recommend this law firm to anybody. They're very kind understanding helpful thoughtful and genuinely good people. They would do anything they can for you and make sure the job is done right. Through their actions of communication and being very clear and upfront with everything was a great experience. Thank you for everything y'all do. Kyle and John are awesome people. If I ever needed them again I would not hesitate to call them.

Robin Sperling via Google

I was in a wreck in July 2022 and needed representation. This law firm exceeded my expectations. Brian Mincher (attorney) Elizabeth Blackburn (Paralegal). were very thorough and went above and beyond for my case. . Highly recommend anyone who needs help to reach out to them. They made the process very painless for me by providing the best care, concern, overall great representation and experience. Definitely refer this firm out to anyone!!!! If they represent you then you are already one step ahead!!!!

Maria Tinajero via Google

I don't write reviews often but I am just so grateful for my experience at Burress Law. From the beginning, Jason and his team made sure to explain everything in detail to make sure I understood my rights and what was best for me in my recovery. They kept me in the loop of every decision and cared about my opinion. Thank you so much for everything you guys! I highly recommend them for anyone in doubt and if needed in the future.

Lincolns Log via Google

Burress Law did a great job handling our case! Brian and David were awesome through the entire process in making sure we were taken care of and everything was favorable for our family. They answered all of our questions and made a difficult situation much easier to handle. Thanks for everything!

Alan Billman via Google

The Burress Law team was amazing to work with. Kyle and Trish walked with us through the entire process after we had a family member get side swiped by an uninsured driver. In that moment it's hard to know what next steps are. Having Burress Law on our side made the process simple.

Matthew Leavell via Google

Brian and David did a great job! They were very helpful and made sure my wife and kids had all the necessary treatment to get back to full strength! They walked us through every step of our case and we're very diligent in responding and keeping us informed! Excellent job, guys! Thank you so much!

Alonzo Edwards via Google

In the wake of being hit by a drunk driver, we were told things would not look good from the insurance company, however, Burress Law managed to achieve the unthinkable. The outcome was what I expected! Even when things became a bit overwhelming, they were extremely patient with me and my situation. It would be my pleasure to recommend this law firm to anyone! The work they performed was excellent!

LaSaundra Neal via Google

Burress Law fought from beginning to the end for me and my daughter. My ins company filed bankruptcy after I was awarded for them to pay. They stalled for two years. But Burress Law did not give up. Let's just say my daughter and I are good. Thank you again Burress Law for you and your team are #1 with my family.

Anne Foglio via Google

When my husband was involved in a wreck, I didn't know what to do. At the hospital, my husband was in pain and concerned about his injuries, his job, and his vehicle. Frankly, the shock and emotion involved in the disruption to our lives was more than we could handle. On a Saturday, my call was returned and Kyle and Elizabeth walked me through everything I needed to do so we could start the recovery process. They were always quick to answer calls, texts, and emails and they always had our back. They definitely made life a little easier, and we are so very thankful we found them!

Deanna Estell via Google

I highly recommend this law firm to everyone! The entire staff is so supportive, helpful, and understanding. I had an entire team at my disposal helping with everything, even making my doctor appointments for me. They are amazing. I worked mostly with Trisha and she is AMAZING. But everyone from the secretary to the lawyers are caring, informative, helpful, and eager to help you. I was so nervous when I first needed their help but they took the time to explain everything in a way that I understood even in my stressed and pained state. They were up front, honest, and delivered what they promised. I was given clear, and realistic goals. Even when I sent panicked emails at 1am they responded as soon as they read the email and alleviated all my concerns. They truly want to help you and get you want you deserve. They are the law firm you want helping you!

David Scott via Google

After suffering a traffic collision with injuries to both of us and our car being totaled, we were getting the run-around from the insurance companies. We decided to enlist Kyle and his team while my wife was still in the hospital and they were able to take the headache and burden from us. We are grateful for their representation, attention to detail and being our voice so we could focus on our health and family.

Brittany Billman via Google

I had a very good experience with Burress Law. Everything went very smoothly and professionally. They helped me understand everything I had to do and made it easier for me. They fought for me too when I needed. If you need help call them!

Reid Fisher via Google

I have worked had the privilege knowing Jason Burress for some time now and although I have not had to personally use his firm, I have referred folks over and heard nothing but positive remarks. I will keep sending people to him. Great work!

Roxanne Rios via Google

I had amazing experience working with Burress Law they were very involved and helpful. Jason and his team were very understanding and we're willing to help anyway they could it was a journey i wouldn't have been able to get threw this without the help Thank you ⯑ I would highly recommend Burress Law to anyone.

Sara Parks via Google

It had been several days after the collision when my insurance adjuster friend told me to call an attorney. I've never needed an attorney and didn't know where to start. I called a couple of firms I had heard about on the radio but they were really pushy and aggressive to “sign now”. That's not how I operate.
I submitted a request online to have someone call me and within minutes I got a call from Jason. He was empathetic and took time explaining the process and next steps. I met with him and Trisha the next day in the office where both walked me through what I could expect.
Trisha is fabulous to work with. She made everything so easy with the medical providers. I didn't have the luxury of missing work and she took the time to make all the calls for me so I pretty much just had to show up. That was such a huge help.
I never questioned where in the process we were because Trisha checked in often and provided status along the way.
Thank you for making me feel like the most important client you had at the time!
While I do hope I never need the services of Burress Law again, they'll be the first and only call I make. I believe in them so much, I have already referred a friend to them.

T&J Connolly via Google

I honestly do not think I can say enough good concerning the Burress Law Group. Kyle and Trisha are absolutely wonderful! They were both so professional and friendly, they never once made us feel like we were just a case that had to be completed.
After my accident, I did not like having to seek help, but we knew the medical bills would be overwhelming. Kyle made us feel so comfortable right from our first conversation. They made us feel like what we were going through was important to them. They put us at ease right away and were so helpful throughout the entire process.
Trisha was extremely helpful in getting me to the proper doctors and facilities to assist me with my injuries. She was so compassionate and understanding of what I was going through. She kept up with me on a consistent basis, continually checked on me, and kept me informed about how my case was progressing.
When Kyle and Trisha called to tell us about the completion of our case. It was so far beyond anything we expected. I was so excited, I had to control myself from screaming in the phone. Not only did it cover all the medical bills I had accumulated, but they actually took the time to negotiated them for me, significantly bringing the final payout amounts down! Something I was dreading to have to deal with!!
Kyle did exactly what he said he would do on our very first call, and he accomplished it in a much smaller period of time then we had anticipated.
I am so very appreciative of all that Kyle and Trisha have done for us! I cannot thank them enough for their compassion and understanding towards us, or for their commitment, dedication, determination, and professionalism with which they deal with our case!
Thank you so much for everything Kyle and Trisha! I hope we will never need an Attorney again, but if we do... Your it!!

Rolando Rojas via Google

It has been a year since my vehicle accident and contacted Burress Law. Once of the best decisions I have ever made. They have worked with me every step of the way and kept me updated on my case. They have worked hard this entire year and now that my case is almost over I could not be happier with results. I am extremely thankful to everyone who has worked in my case at Burress Law.

Hannah via Google

Burress Law has made the healing process from my auto accident seemless. They helped me connect with service providers to ensure my physical and mental well-being was taken care of. They also took time to personally get to know me and handled my case with such care. I would definitely recommend them and would use them again.

Todd Baehler via Google

I've been in the legal industry for over 18 years and have worked with many good personal injury law firms during that time. In Collin County, Burress Law is the best. I have referred several friends and acquaintances to Jason over the years, and he has always treated them very well and gotten them excellent verdicts or settlements. The team at Burress Law really listens to their clients and treats them with respect and compassion. I HIGHLY recommend this law firm to anyone who's been injured in an accident that wasn't their fault.

David Morales via Google

I highly recommend Buress Law in Mckinney, Texas for personal injury due to vehicle accidents. They work tirelessly and efficiently to ensure your safety, health, and property are their number one priority. Their communication, constant updates regarding cases, and upfront transparency sets them apart from a sea of law firms and personal injury attorneys. They value each client and take the necessary amount of time needed to ensure they get to know each party involved thoroughly for the best outcome for all. Each client is different and they go above and beyond to put clients first. Their outstanding achievements reflects great credit upon them. They are highly referred by many for a reason, and well known in Collin County. In the unfortunate event you or a loved on is involved in a traffic collision, make sure to contact Buress Law immediately to get the necessary assistance and legal advice you deserve, to not fall victim to the insurance companies whom are only interested in their own assets.

Kelly Beougher via Google

This is our first and hopefully our last experience with something like this as we don't normally have to use a firm like this but was referred to Kyle Hejl and his team by a good friend of ours. They helped us through the process very smoothly and we are very pleased with the results. We would definitely recommend them to others in the future. Also loved working with his assistant Trisha Miller too, she did an excellent job communicating with us.

Elizabeth Blackburn via Google

Burress Law is one of a kind. Their customer service and client satisfaction are their #1 priority. They focus on building trust and a relationship with their clients. Their team of attorneys and paralegals handle every case with a high level of care and professionalism. They treat their clients like family and make sure to keep their clients informed at all times throughout the case. I would definitely recommend Burress Law over any other firm in the DFW area!

Tim Ward via Google

When the decision was made that we needed legal representation, we did the research and decided to team with Burress Law. Their attention to the details and incredible communication only made us feel we made the right decision in their firm. No one wants to be in a position to see one of their loved ones injured in an accident, but if you find yourself in this position, trust that Team Burress will do everything they can to represent you and or your loved ones.

Maryia Barone via Google

I was injured in an accident that was caused by a negligent driver. My 2 month old baby was also in the car and the whole event left me really shaken up. Burress Law handled my case with the utmost care. Josh and Sonya worked with me to get all the facts and got the insurance to pay the claim. They also negotiated the medical cost down for me and my baby. I was kept informed of every step in the process. I highly recommend them if you ever find yourself in the position to need them.

Chris Sims via Google

The team at Burress law helped us get through the most difficult time of our lives. They were friendly and supportive and took care of all of the extensive legal matters so we could focus on the health of our child. Thank you for all the help!

Kimberly Rager via Google

I was in a horrible car accident in 2021, one that caused my car to be totaled after being hit from behind. I was dealing with a lot of injuries that I had never experienced prior to the wreck and the insurance company was no help. I felt like I had no other option but to seek legal advice. I know now how people in these types of situations should be treated. Trisha and Jason have been absolutely wonderful in fighting for not just my legal issues, but my health as well. They have constantly kept me in the loop and I am so appreciative of everything they have done for me. If you or someone you know has been in a similar situation such as mine, I highly recommend contacting Burress Law!

Nathan Eller via Google

The Burress Law Firm provided me with a $2,500 scholarship to help fund my college education! I am beyond grateful toward the whole team there, and especially Jason Burress for investing in my future!

Elli Gray via Google

Burress law is incredible. Jason and his entire team handle everything and make you feel incredibly comfortable while getting you the best result. They truly care about their clients and are the best in the business!

Kris McGrail via Google

Attention to detail and sincere empathy are the two things that jump to mind when speak of Burress Law. Nothing could be more important in my mind when selecting a firm to take on your personal injury case. They are truly dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on service and uncompromising ethics so you can focus on your family.

Mallorie Valenzuela via Google

Buress Law was great to work with, a really good partner. Always responded to any question and concern instantly and in full detail. They were helpful and considerate through the whole process.

David Morales via Google

Five Star Elite Law Firm: Delivered on all the promises, timelines set forth in the initial meeting. Jason and his staff promised expedited response time and delivered. I never felt in the dark throughout the entire stressful process. If you want the gold standard injury law firm, then look no further... Jason Burress Law firm is the right choice!

Monesha Haynes via Google

This was my first time using a lawyer for an accident and I'm glad I chose this firm. Everyone was professional and very helpful. They walked me through the process step by step and always kept me updated on my case. They also will fight for you to get the amount of money you deserve. I would definitely recommend them to other people.

John Karry via Google

There is a life wisdom proverb to 'trust the one who has experience" and my family sought out Burress Law on this principle. For most, a personal injury situation will be new and unfamiliar territory. By engaging Burress Law, my family and I had the confidence that we could lean on an experienced team. We could lean on a trusted advisor. And we could reach important decisions with their wisdom and clarity. Burress Law delivered on our expectations of legal guidance and exceeded our expectations on client service, communication and project management.

Keith Lane via Google

The staff and counsel at Burress are top notch. They were honest and upfront with every detail as well as being quick to reply to any questions. I never felt as if I had to worry that I was being represented properly and honestly.

Andrea Hauglie via Google

Jason and his team are extremely professional and user-friendly. They guide you through the process and handle a lot of the leg work. We wouldn't hesitate to call them if we have another accident.

Jamie Emerson via Google

I have never seen a firm that cares this much about their clients. Not only do they go above and beyond, but they also truly care about the clients and support them through the whole process. If you have been injured in a crash, I would definitely recommend Burress Law over any other firm!

Rosie Trejo via Google

I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism. Very easy to work with answered every question my husband and I had. Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you did on my husband's behalf.

Charissa Maye via Google

My son was tragically killed in a MVA. There were conflicting reports over what happened so I decided to reach out to Burress Law. Jason and his staff were so kind, caring, and very professional. The team stayed in constant contact with me every step of the way. I highly recommend Burress Law. They are the best!

Rebecca Parks via Google

We highly recommend Burress Law. In 2019, my mom was in an awful car accident from a driver running a red light. We contacted Burress Law after seeing all of the great reviews. Kyle worked very closely with us throughout my mom's case. He gave us regular updates on status and next steps and answered all of our questions along the way. It's hard to see a loved one go through such an accident and you feel somewhat helpless. It provided much comfort to our family knowing that Kyle's team was working hard on her behalf. Thanks Kyle and team. We truly appreciate you guys!

Joshua Owens via Google

Burress Law made sure I received proper care and resolution for my injuries without any out of pocket cost. Their team was very easy to work with and maintained communication throughout the process. I highly recommend Burress Law!

Alexandra Brooks via Google

I had the greatest experience with the Burress Law Team. From the very first time I talked to them they have been so hands on and not only informative, but supportive.
I had never been in any accidents or needed legal help before this and they made it so easy on my part. I was able to focus on my physical and mental health while they handled everything.
I was able to reach out at any time and they were able to answer all of my questions and listen to any of my concerns.
I highly recommend and appreciate them.

Clifton Fendley via Google

As a partner in Pierson & Fendley Insurance, I have had the good fortune to recommend Jason's services to several of my clients when they found themselves on the receiving end of an accident or tragic life experience. Without exception every one of them received unparalleled counseling. Further, they were able to use Jason's extensive experience to leverage a better settlement than they would have been able to garner on their own. Making decisions during a time of crisis can be difficult at best, and the wrong decision might be irreversible. I can say with upmost confidence that Jason will prove to be an invaluable resource and will guide you through those difficult decisions. I am proud to consider him colleague and consider him an individual of extraordinary integrity

DeeAnn Carr via Google

When my husband and I were hit by a drunk driver while sitting at a red light, we reached out to Burress Law to help us through the entire insurance, doctor appointments, and physical therapy process. The experience through the entire process was exemplary. To know you have someone on your side fighting for you during all of the many processes was such comfort during a stressful and painful time. I recommend Burress Law to anyone that may need this same support.

Lashunda Harris via Google

Here is your previous review: Professional. Efficient. Personable. Very outstanding law firm. Jason and Trisha handled my case with utmost care and professionalism. I also appreciate Trisha for her patient on all levels. Highly recommend! LaShunda Harris Dangerfield

Jozsef Sera via Google

Results driven professionals who know what they doing. No empty promises, you know from the first moment what to expect. Furthermore, friendly attire throughout the entire process, daily update, and more importantly there is always someone to answer your questions. Highly recommend this Lawfirm.

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