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Being involved in any motor vehicle accident can be a stressful and upsetting experience. If you were injured because you were targeted by a car accident scam, the entire incident can be even more stressful. Proving that you were the victim and not the driver responsible can be challenging. You need an experienced attorney to investigate the accident and begin pursuing compensation for you. It is important to call a lawyer as soon as possible while the accident scene is fresh, as evidence can disappear quickly in these cases.

What is a Car Accident Scam?

If you have never heard of a car accident scam, you might be wondering how they work. This type of scam takes place when another driver or pedestrian deliberately causes a car accident or pedestrian accident and makes it look like you were at fault to win a payout. Common ways we see these scams play out include:

  • Back-up Scam – In this version of the scam, the driver in front of you at a red light or stop sign throws his vehicle into reverse and abruptly backs into you. The scammer then claims that you rear-ended him. Being backed into with force can cause serious injury including back injuries, whiplash-related brain damage, or injuries caused by airbag deployment.
  • Pedestrian Accident Scam – The scammer will wait for a vehicle to come along at a slow speed and then dramatically leap in front of it, giving the driver little or no chance of avoiding the pedestrian. Some drivers are injured from colliding with the scammer, especially in cases where the windshield breaks and lacerations occur. Other victims are injured when they swerve off the road to avoid the scammer and strike another object.
  • Rear-End Scam – A reckless scammer abruptly cuts you off, leaving very little space between your vehicles. The scammer then slams on his brakes, forcing you to rear-end him. He then claims that the accident was your fault. Because this version of the scam often takes place at high speeds on the highway, victims may suffer serious injuries including traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. Broken bones in the hands and wrists are also common as the victim and his passengers attempt to brace themselves.

Not only are you injured, but the scam artist is now trying to claim that you caused the crash. Proving that you were the victim of a car accident scam can be tricky. You will need an experienced personal injury attorney to begin investigating.

Call a McKinney Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

If you were hurt in a car accident and believe that you may have been the victim of a scam, it is important to contact a McKinney car accident attorney as soon as possible. You may be entitled to receive compensation from the scam artist but will need a skilled lawyer to prove what happened. Contact Burress Injury Law at 214-726-0016 for a free consultation.

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