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Insurance Representatives Personally


In this episode, Jason speaks with Collin County District Judge Ben Smith about campaigning for re-election, family and what it takes to be a good judge.
Jason K. Burress visits about what victims SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do after a car crash, how Burress Injury Law fights for their clients’ privacy rights, as well as what makes Burress Injury Law your go-to firm for personal injury law.
Listen as Jason visits about recent cases and shares tips to protect you and your loved ones when you are most vulnerable.
In this episode, Jason visits with George Fuller about charities, businesses, life, and regrets.
In this episode Jason visits with George Fuller about family, getting older, and playing with Willie Nelson.
Jason discusses life, business, and other interesting topics with friends, local officials, and business leaders. Burress also visits with subject matter experts on topics related to personal injury and other legal practice areas.