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An Overview of what can be Claimed After a Car Accident

Unfortunately, car accidents are a reality of the road. There are numerous conditions that can contribute to a car accident. Sometimes, the weather becomes so bad that drivers cannot see the car in front of them. Other times, negligent drivers or drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol can cause serious multi-car pileups.

Regardless of the circumstances, all car accidents have the potential to lead to serious medical injuries. These bills can place individuals and families under severe financial stress, particularly if the patient requires an intensive care stay or a surgical procedure. Sometimes, there are legal routes for financial relief. What kinds of damages can be claimed after car accidents occur? 

The Potential for Lost Wages

When people are seriously injured in a car accident, they may be forced to miss time at work. While some employers might be understanding given the circumstances, other employers may force their employee to use up their vacation time and sick days. Once these have been exhausted, the injured party may start losing pay. Someone who is injured in a car accident may be able to seek damages equal to the amount of wages lost during their recovery period. Nobody should deserve to lose their income due to injury. This is a common reason for damages claimed in car accident cases.

Medical Bills

Arguably the most common type of damages claimed in car accidents is medical expenses. People who are injured in car accidents might assume that their healthcare insurance company will cover the bills. Those who are lucky may be correct; however, there are numerous reasons that health insurance companies might deny claims. Perhaps the injury was out of network. Sometimes the lifetime limit has been reached. Even if they cover the bills, many people are still faced with a high deductible. These are all expenses that can be claimed as damages in a car accident, helping to alleviate a significant amount of stress on families.

Emotional Distress

Sometimes referred to as pain and suffering, this is a type of damages that can be claimed in car accidents due to future pain associated with the injury, particularly if the injury is chronic in nature. The definition of pain is subjective and may include certain issues such as stress, anxiety, emotional issues, or even a loss of enjoyment in life due to the injury. Some people wind up with chronic injuries after a car accident from which they may never fully recover. This is a slightly abstract area of damages that is handled differently from state to state.

Anyone who is injured in a car accident should seek the best care available. Then, contact an experienced personal injury attorney for more information on financial compensation. Everyone deserves the ability to seek justice if their injuries could have been avoided.

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